It's been a great journey!

Since October 2010 a lot has happened in my musical career. I had a chance to work with so many great professionals in this industry and, for sure, I've been having so much joy!

I also need to confess that was not easy to decide what artistic name I should keep. At that time (2010), being Mark Joshua/Josher was part of becoming more and more professional. Now, as "MARTCHELO", I can finally introduce new music to all the fans, and yet, it's me! Some people say: "It's so Italian!"... Well, I come from a mixed family and I am proud of being a little Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, British and French.

So let me introduce you the next step of my musical career: my very first single is coming out this month and, believe me, it was so hard to decide which song I should drop... that's why I am bringing you "2NITE/FREE ME". Yeap! 2 songs!!! These ones are really special to me and I hope you like them! =D