Singer, songwriter and producer, MARTCHELO started his career from a rather young age already. Growing up inside a recording studio to follow the footsteps of his mother, the young artist soon knew he wanted to become a recording artist himself. His early passion for music helped him enormously to develop his song-writing skills which he later on combined with his own music productions.

“There is no specific way to start writing a new song… just happens! Then I need to record a sing-a-long session on my phone, otherwise I can totally forget the idea”.

Based in London, MARTCHELO had an extraordinary opportunity to work with Michael Cretu, the internationally famous producer of the new age project ‘Enigma’ who also honoured MARTCHELO as someone who “lives, breathes, eats, drinks and sleeps music” in his album documentary. As a featured artist, MARTCHELO co-wrote the track “The Die Is Cast” in the latest Enigma’s album “The Fall Of A Rebel Angel”. The project was released by Universal Music and ultimately reached #1 in Dance/Electronic Billboard charts. The artist’s musical style can be considered a blend of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Pop combined with a touch of New Age. Powerful harmonies and the “state-of-art” stirring vocals are the main characteristic of MARTCHELO’s music. It’s easy to recognize the wide array of his signature vocal layers in different songs.

“Sometimes I spend a day, just recording the background vocals…

Next day, I start engineering the lead vocal session”.

MARTCHELO on the process of multi track voice recording.

MARTCHELO is also the producer of the book’s soundtrack “Casting Stars” written by John Nolan and Walter Dos. “That was something new, writing songs for a book… first book’ soundtrack ever made! I was giving life to the characters through my music! Great experience!”

Now MARTCHELO is ready for the next step: his solo career! While his debut album is already in the finishing lane, a few singles have already been released in order to give his supporters a little taste – “2Nite”, including a master remix which interpolates samples of Michael Jackson’s “Get On The Floor”, plus the dazzling ballad “Free Me” and its wide array of remixes such as a Hip Hop and dance-house inspired version. “Hallelujah” as a celebratory song, including 182 different vocal layers by Martchelo himself!!! A lovely soul collab with Jonny Ellis, 2 weeks top stream at Spotify: the song “MAKE U FEEL”, and recently the already 5 star review by “THE HOUSE OF R&B”, “ADDICTED”, collaboration with the hip-hop artist EMARR.

Antonia Kunzel, Music Journalist for Music and Other Stories