It’s been a crazy season. For two years now, to all of us. I’ve been through studios session, covid test, more studio, a real flu (which wasn’t covid), rehearsals, writing and recording, working hard to make things happen, and yet, the world pressed pause. I think now, for the first time in two years, life starts to get back to what once was. I leave here my love and good energy to anyone struggling to reach a better season.

Artistically speaking, I think finally I am getting back to the creative vibe and I hope soon I’ll be ready to deliver new music to help and heal all the fans and people in general, around the world. My latest single “ADDICTED” is still performing strong helping the other singles to go up higher and higher. Thanks to the continuous support of the fans.

Big news coming soon, including new songs and a new concert, which we’ve been working hard and rehearsing for few weeks now. Well, also, the new website! MARTCHELO.COM is way faster, dynamic and safer than ever. In a few weeks we are going to be able to show you the new merch we are working on… and more!

Please feel free to navigate through my new website, the music catalog is incredibly organized, showing all the singles/e.p.s and versions available in all digital platforms. You can also follow the social medias and send a message if you feel you want to be in touch!

I hope I’ll see you all very soon!