2Nite we are gonna have fun!

Verse 1:

Hey sexy girl
What are you looking for?
Checking me out, now
On the dance floor
(I see your moves, baby)
(You’ve been around, baby)
(So don’t be shy)
(Let me try)
Make your night get high

Verse 2:

Invite your girls
They can enjoy my friends
VIP floor
This party never ends
(Smelling nice, baby)
(Feeling so right, baby)
This is the night
Everything’s gonna be alright


(DJ put the record on)
(C’mon and sing the song)
Woo oh
Woo oh wooo
(There’s music all around)
(Nobody’s feeling down)

2Nite we are gonna have fun!

Verse 3:

(Don’t look at the clock)
(There’s no time to stop)
I like to see the people
Shake the (stress away)
(Music is power)
(Every hour)
I feel it in my shoe
I think you’re feeling too


(We’re just getting started)
(I wanna feel your body)
DJ set the mood
Play it loud
I feel so good
(I’m feeling so damn good)
(So damn good)
Girl, everything’s gonna be alright